Hotel owners that recognize the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) of the companies that consume room nights in the markets will ultimately shift share. This RFP season will offer even more proof of that. Companies like Deloitte and Johnson & Johnson will continue to blaze the trail. The hotel brands are already recognizing this and have been busy implementing corporate sustainability policies.

One way, for you to determine your CO² emissions is to utilize EPA’s (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) tool, Portfolio Manager, from the Energy Star website. This process requires collection and input of your hotel’s utility data as well as some basic information about the building and its use. Energy Star Portfolio Manager calculates your hotel building’s greenhouse gas emissions (including carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide) from on-site fuel combustion and purchased electricity to district heating and cooling. In addition, it enables tracking of avoided emissions from any Renewable Energy Certificates.

Energy Benchmarking can assist management to see how their hotel property’s carbon emissions compare to others in the same region and across the country as well as measure their progress in reducing emissions. These emissions factors are consistent with those used by major greenhouse gas reporting protocols, including theWorld Business Council for Sustainable Development Greenhouse Gas Protocol. This consistency makes it easier for organizations to quantify their carbon inventories and provides a transparent corporate accounting, inventory, and reporting method. Therefore, a very useful tool when it comes time for those carbon emission questions for RFP season.

Although this tool is available at no cost, you should expect to spend about 6 to 10 hours getting everything loaded manually if this is your first time using the tool. The time depends on the number of utility meters and months you’ll be uploading to establish the baseline.[For more information or assistance with registering your hotel in Portfolio Manager contact EcoGreenHotel at or call 888.229.0213 ext. 803].

As an Energy Star Partner, EcoGreenHotel has benchmarked the energy performance for hundreds of thousands of hotel property square footage across the country using Portfolio Manager, LightStay and Green Engage, which help access and strategize for your hotel energysavings. Any hotel property can efficiently track and manage resources through the use of Portfolio Manager. The tool allows you to streamline your portfolio’s energy and water data, and track key consumption, performance, and cost information portfolio-wide.

The methodology for calculating greenhouse gas emissions in Portfolio Manager was designed to be consistent with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol developed by the World Resources Institute and World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and is compatible with the accounting, inventory and reporting requirements of EPA’s Climate Leaders program, as well as other state and NGO registry and reporting programs.

Resource: Energy Star

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