Hotel swimming pools are generally faced with considerable heating and energy costs. That is an unfortunate but honest observation. Thankfully, there is an easy and cost effective way to reduce the energy usage required to heat your hotel’s pool: a liquid solar pool cover.

The Heatsavr liquid pool cover is a biodegradable solution that is added to your green hotel’s pool water. It will float on the surface of the pool and spread out to cover the entire pool. The barrier it creates helps to slow down evaporation. Evaporative loss accounts for about 70% of heat loss so, by slowing this down, you will keep the water in your pool warmer for a longer period of time.

You will not smell, see, feel or taste the product once it has been added to your pool water as recommended. It will not affect any of your other chemicals, your pool equipment and your clients will not even notice it as they swim. It has been tested and proven by various 3rd party agencies over the past 20 years for its safety and effectiveness.

Thousands of people, hotels and other businesses across the world are using this product; independent energy test results of commercial swimming pools show reduction in operating costs by up to 40%. Since these tests were conducted energy costs have increased significantly, therefore your green hotel would save more as energy prices continue to rise.

Liquid pool covers are also very environmentally friendly. Not only is the product itself biodegradable, butthe end result is conservation. Water is saved. Energy is saved. These savings will also result in lower heating costs, so you will be saving money while you are protecting the environment.

One of the best things about Heatsavr is that it can be automatically dosed into your swimming pool using an automatic metering system. This small, peristaltic pump plumbs into the main return line of your pool and is programmed to dose the appropriate amount of liquid pool cover to your pool each day. You don’t have to do anything beyond changing the bottle of Heatsavr when you notice it is empty.

Heatsavr, the liquid solar pool cover, is truly a set-and-forget solution that can save your hotel a significant amount of money each and every month you are heating the pool. If you want more information on the products please visit Flexible Solutions is the original manufacturer of liquid solar pool covers and they offer the product under the brand name Heatsavr. You can find the liquid pool cover online at EcoGreenHotel Store.

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EcoGreenHotel (Robbinsville, NJ), is a privately held company specializing solely in the hospitality industry by providing solutions for a broad spectrum of sustainability issues from energy efficiency to online marketing and green hotel products on The company provides information, tools, checklists, current news and trends to the hospitality industry through its website, EcoGreenHotel also provides customized energy solutions tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry including green hotel certification support from LEED, Green Seal to Energy Star and Green Key. For further information, email or call 888-229-0213.

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Monique Nelson is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Flexible Solutions, a publicly traded environmental technology company manufacturing products that save water and energy. A conservationist at heart, you can follow her green-tinged pool industry conversations at her

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