Blue skies and rolling mountains aren’t the only appealing local attractions in the great state of Tennessee.  Not only are the fields and tree-tops green, but the local options for increasing energy efficiency and introducing hotel energy savings are as well.

The green movement toward environmental responsibility has spawned numerous Federal, State and local programs aimed at reducing energy consumption and waste.  For hotels aiming to positively reduce their energy usage impact, Tennessee offers a host of programs designed specifically to assist businesses in becoming leaner and greener operations.

Low-Interest financing Energy Efficient Loans

In a time when the bottom line expenditures of any hotel are monitored extremely closely, many businesses may be interested in retrofitting their organization with more energy efficient technologies.  In Tennessee, a state-wide program offers eligible businesses with the opportunity to offset the initial costs of such changes with low-interest energy efficiency loans.

Under this program, financing rates from 3%-5% are available to Tennessee business owners to conduct alterations to their facilities in order to reduce cost and save on energy consumption.  Eligibility requirements vary based on business type; however these programs afford a less expensive option to take advantage of several energy-reducing technologies such as:

  • LED Lighting upgrades
  • Refrigeration Efficiency
  • Ozone Solutions
  • Occupancy-Based Energy Management Systems
  • Hot Water Boiler Management Systems
  • Liquid Pool Blanket
  • Recycling and Waste Management

With these loan programs, rates are fixed at below-market value values to maximize return for the applicant.  Worried about up-front costs?  These loans have NO out-of-pocket expenses or hidden fees.  Not only that, but you can receive up to 100% financing for your project.  Imagine being able to include all of the design, engineering and implementation costs of your project within the terms of the loan!  The savings here alone are amazing and immediate.  Once completed, the energy savings from your technology upgrade begin repaying the value of the loan from day one.


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