NEW HYDE PARK, N.Y. Evolve Guest Controls is currently installinga fully integrated energy management control system with back office network connectivity in all of the Radisson LAX’s580 guestrooms and suites.

Evolve’s EMS system controls all of the lighting in the room, the TV(s), and the HVAC. When the Radisson was prompted with the question of whether to go with Evolve’s active energy management platform or passive PIR based platform, they opted to choose Evolve’s active energy management approach, which engages the guest to participate in being “green” while they travel by using a wireless keycard reader to determine guest room occupancy.

When the guest enters their room, they insert their keycard into Evolve’s wall-mounted keycard reader and the room activates “comfort” mode. When the guest leaves the room, they take their keycard with them, initiating the room’s “energy efficient” mode whereby all the lighting devices and TV(s) are powered down, and the thermostat is set back 5 degrees.

In addition to Evolve’s standalone EMS system, Evolve is deployingits EvolveNET back office control system as well.  EvolveNET is a hotel facing back office platform that gives hotel engineering, front desk, housekeeping full control over all evolve devices from a web based platform.  Some of the features include:  global or selective thermostat set point changes, seasonal adjustments to thermostat setback band, PMS integration for deeper setback ranges and guest preference pulls, occupancy reports of each guest room, alarms and device malfunction/battery alerts, real time energy monitoring, and more.

“While the standalone Evolve system will save the hotel 25-40% on overall guest room utility costs,the addition of EvolveNET will not only provide the property with further energy savings, but a dramatic informational improvement in overall operational efficiency. ” says Jesse Nercessian, Operations Manager of Evolve.

About Evolve Guest Controls:

Evolve Guest controls is a leading global manufacturer of in-room technology, lighting controls, room automation, and EMS for the hospitality industry.  We passionately develop innovative products of the highest quality that enrich the stay of hotel guests while reducing each property’s carbon footprint.

Hoteliers can expect a 25%-40% savings on their guest room energy costs with an approximate ROI of 2 years. Evolve’s versatile solutions have been installed in hotels ranging from 28 rooms to as large as 2,700 rooms, and they qualify nationally for federal and state energy efficiency rebates.

Evolve Guest Controls, Inc.
Chris Pieper,Sales/Marketing Manager

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